Infiniti Multi Kreasi is a handicraft company dedicated to manufacturing and providing the best quality products. Inspired by nature, we use exotic natural materials such as water hyacinth, mendong, pandanus, wovengrass, agel, cedar root, wood, chinoise bamboo, lidi, rattan, banana leaves, seagrass. Our collection is a unique contemporary blend of modern style and functional products using innovative material, texture and color. All kinds of products for home accessories, garden and office accessories, gift items, table top items, boxes, baskets, bags, masks and statues, everything 100% handmade by our skilled Artisans.

We have more than 5000 skilled Artisans in villages and remote areas of Indonesia working with us. They have been in the family handcraft business for generations. Every product has been made with care, passion and talent by our Artisans in the villages. As you can expect with our handmade products, every item is unique, carefully done by each Artisan involving their body, soul and spirit in harmony with nature. From this observation is birthed our slogan ” Bring The Unique Nature to You “. Did you know that when you buy products from us, you are helping more than 5, 000 people in the poor villages?

Each of those 5, 000 people has at least 5 family members who rely on them for support. That means when you buy products from us, you are improving the lives of at least 25, 000 people in the the world, what a great impact you make! Our company mission is to be the best natural handicraft companyOur company are helping the poor people in the remote villages, preserving their culture of heritage. We use renewable resources as our material. We also use recycled material such as magazines and newspaper to create beautiful products.